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     New Album 2017          "Sangue Do Mar"   Receives 4 **** Jazz magazine in September  2017 "They break the moorings to take on Sangue Do Mar **** the wake of Vasco De Gama, from Lisbon to India, from Cape Verde to Brazil, for a crossing of all the spells. " Franck BERGEROT

Jazz magazine

"Each composition reveals a daring mix

of Iberian, Latin and Indian sounds, dazzling with poetry and virtuosity."

 Elsa Songis

 Le Transistor



A great-father plays on a little, a tiny accordion, on the sly just for him. A mother sings the exil of the family, its history, its sorrow. Here is all that the very young Toucas needed to start walking on the way to music. His whole work will be tinged with his portuguese roots, light veil or deep mark. His music have a southern accent : rhythms are latin, notes are energetic and exchanges on stage are animated.

Toucas : an energy made of life and music, that one can hear and see. He passes his emotions on to the people, as if accordion was his first language.


-AM : "What would you say to young accordionists who want to play jazz today ? Is there a school ?

- Richard Galliano : I don't know of any jazz accordion schools, there are often pianists who play jazz accordion. There aren’t  many jazzmen accordionists. Amongst the younger generation, I really like Toucas, who has a real natural tempo and swing."

.Richard Galliano, Accordéon Magazine

«…Explosive musical phrases set ablaze this beautiful, harmonious fervor with a just, and discreet dose of the left hand...»

Franck Bergerot, Jazzman

"This positive encounter led me to discover a gifted and sensitive artist, Toucas and his brilliant, original and charming music.”

Excerpt of a letter from Vladimir Cosma, Paris

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